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Companies who care about their people, their partners and their ecosystem, invariably choose Mohafiz as their security partner. The choice is simple, simply because no one else provides comprehensive life support and no one owns an emergency like we do. Our clients love us and we love them because we share the core ethos of protecting whats important.


Swvl is a multinational mobility as a service provider that offers tech-enabled ridesharing services. Affordable and convenient transportation service - committed to enabling cities, people and businesses to move everywhere.


Ride, order food, shop, pay or become a Captain. Careem is a hassle-free, one stop solution for your daily needs. Careem's purpose is to simplify the lives of people and build an awesome organization that inspires.


Initially, a fashion retail, Daraz, expanded into a complete one-stop buying solution and transformed the Online Shopping experience in Pakistan.


Retailo is the fastest-growing B2B startup in MENAP and has digitized retail supply chains in the region. Its mission is to simplify the retail business and make supply chains accessible and less complicated.


Byte is a cloud kitchen with an on-demand food delivery app. Byte is devised to enable food delivery affordable and accessible for a larger segment of the country (than it currently is).


Acasus is dedicated to helping governments make rapid improvements to public health and education.


Impetus work in sync with governments to devise innovative approaches that can help government bodies at all administrative tiers to better respond to ever-changing citizen needs.


Blync is the pioneer of the city's fully automated service marketplace platform. Now expanding its services to become the go-to app for everyday utilities.


PostEx is a hybrid of FinTech & LogiTech solution offering instant & upfront payments on COD orders while transforming conventional delivery into a modernized architecture.


Roamer is an app based car renting service in Pakistan. A user friendly business solution that offers the public a chauffer-driven, safe, and comfortable service.

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