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Mohafiz Secure fills the gaps to efficiently deal with risks thereby, enabling companies to focus on their core operations. Mohafiz Secure resolves issues including life threatening emergencies, critical conflicts, on-ground safety problems, delivery teams' concerns, sexual misconduct, and harassment. Mohafiz Secure also acts as a law enforcement facilitation and helps make problems go away that could potentially bring bad repute or disturb the continuity of daily operations.

Why we do this?


To provide holistic support. 6.2 BILLION people DON’T have access to efficient emergency services or life support services. A basic need, yet alien. We want to establish a network that makes emergency services accessible to everyone.


To provide a safe environment for organizations to operate. We are here to empower corporations to focus on their core operations and reach for their ambitious goals by providing them services devised for crisis mitigation and risk management.


To provide a single point of contact for all sorts of emergencies. Businesses are sensitive to high levels of uncertainty. Businesses that had been affected by crime were found to be 17 to 22 percent less likely to increase employment. There is no efficient or singular way for corporations(clients, customers, and colleagues) to deal with emergencies. We aim to give them access to privatized distress management services that allow them to receive risk mitigation, crisis management, and life support services.

Why Mohafiz Secure ?

UNICORNS don’t want old school security. They need holistic life support solutions. They need swift and decisive action for both static and dynamic situations. Mohafiz protects Unicorns and Decacorns.

lives saved   100% Response Rate
lives saved   End to End Resolution
lives saved   Experienced Team
lives saved   People-First Culture

Our Achievements

We are proud of what we do. We have been able to save lives, resolve conflicts, manage risks, and attend to various emergencies. With almost a decade in this industry, here are some of our successes that we take the most pride in.

Our Team


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Admiral M A Khan


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Fahd Khan


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Usman Qazi

Chief of Staff

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Brigd. Khalid Jadoon

Chief of Integrations

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Craig Anthony

Director Global Ops

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Elahha Mashrequi

Head of Customer Experience

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M. Ahmed Aslam

General Council

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M. Mubashir Rafique

Country Manager, Pakistan

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M. Nauman Naseer

City Lead, Karachi

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Umer Khan Akbar

City Executive, Peshawar

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Abdullah Nasir

Business Development, Manager


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Abu bakar

Country Manager, Argentina

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Jose Miguel Figueroa

Operations Manager, Argentina


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Ali Yar

Country Manager, Egypt

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Major General Aymen Bayoumi

Manager Ops, Egypt

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Major Fady Rashed

City Lead, Alexandria

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Lt. Col. Sherrif Elmeshlawy

City Lead, Cairo

Our Endeavours


Merey Mohafiz
Emergency and life support services for all


Khadim by Mohafiz
Premium care for the elderly


Mohafiz Chiragh
Fostering empathy among children

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